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on what she'll wear as grand marshal of NYC's Gay Pride March on Sunday. Though Constance wasn't welcome at her prom, she's been invited to a White House ceremony tonight recognizing the contributions of LGBT Americans. [NY Daily News]


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Hmm, I may get blasted for this but I can understand what the girl is saying. Although I think she is placing way too much significance on Prom and is directing her anger at the wrong individual/entity, she may have been waiting three years for the dance and inflated its importance to something ridiculous.

However, in her 17 year old mind, she is probably like: Fuck. C'mon Constance, just don't show up - you are going to ruin it for everyone.

The T-shirt bit is over the top and Constance doesn't need to answer to this girl, but it may be helpful for someone to have a dialogue with her and explain why this is bigger than a dance.