Conservatives Silenced by Irony: Fox May Produce Hillary TV Movie

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The GOP faithful, ever ready to storm the moral high ground and erect a glittering, priapistic citadel, jumped all over NBC’s yet-to-be-scripted Hillary Clinton teleplay like a gaggle of magpies who’ve caught a glimpse of a shiny Cracker Jack ring. “Aha, liberal scum!” cried RNC Reince Priebus, wearing his ceremonial leopard-skin loincloth and trumpeting the battle cry of his long-oppressed people through a conch shell. “We know you’re just making a glorified Hillary Clinton campaign ad! Your bias has been exposed to the doe-eyed American people.” Except that now, rumor has it the Hillary movie may be produced by Fox Television Studios, which, as even Priebus must know, is the sister company to the sandbox where conservatives go to exchange strains of pink eye with each other, Fox News.


Conservative critics weren’t alone in trying to shame NBC for capitalizing on a likely Clinton presidential run in 2016 by producing a Diane-Lane-starring TV movie — NBC newscasters who’ve like Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, who’ve likely been watching The Newsroom with too much self-righteousness, suggested the Clinton movie would damage NBC’s reputation as a serious news organization. Todd and Mitchell just want to do the news, NBC. How can they just do the news when you’re trying to put Diane Lane in a movie about Hillary Clinton?

The New York Times reported Friday that NBC is currently in “the early stages” of discussions to bring the Fox TV squad in as the production company of the movie/mini-series. According to FTVS spokesperson Leslie Oren, “There is no deal yet,” though, if a deal materialized, Fox would become the film’s international distributor, which ought to quiet Priebus and his band of disgruntled crusaders.

It’s not like any of this really matters, of course — NBC, unlike Fox, has an impenetrable “firewall” between news and entertainment, meaning that news on NBC can’t be entertaining, and entertainment spectacles like sitcoms or game shows can only ignite a slow deterioration of a viewer’s neural synapses.

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Why do people think the objective facts being against them will shut conservatives up? These are the people who "unskew" polls whose results they don't like, fer fuck's sake.