Connie Britton Loves Talking About Faye Resnick as Much as We Loved Watching Her Play Her

Though her turn as Faye Resnick on The People vs. O.J. Simpson has sadly come to an end, Connie Britton is still making the rounds promoting Nashville, which is nice and all, but nowhere near as exciting to talk about as Faye.


On The Late Late Show Thursday night, for instance, Britton was asked by host James Corden to explain what “a Brentwood Hello” is. Since describing an oral sex act is a little racy even for late night television, no one actually ended up going into detail about it, though after Corden remarked that he’s never been woken up that way, Britton responded, “People don’t really say hello in Brentwood—unless it’s like this.”


The highlight of the exchange, however, was when Britton turned to fellow guest Mark Cuban and said, “Something tells me you know what a Brentwood Hello is.” Connie!

And on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the night before, she was equally delightful—and considerably more revealing. While discussing her turn at acting with Larry King, she talked about how much King loved acting with her, mostly because of how much he loves Faye.

“I really got a lot of information from Larry about Faye because he knew Faye,” she said. “He knew her. Maybe even biblically. I don’t... all I know is that he was clearly very fond of her. He’s like, ‘Faye was a very sexy woman. Very flirtatious.’”

Britton went on to demonstrate exactly how much King liked acting with her as Faye. “Literally, when they called cut, and said, We’re done with the scene, he was like, ‘Somebody get us a room!’”

Imagine Larry King and Faye Resnick... together. I mean, my god. Thank you Connie? I think?


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