Connie Britton Is Absolutely Definitely Dead to Nashville, Quit Asking

Connie Britton very obviously didn’t want to be on Nashville anymore and she made it happen in a way that assured her character will not be able to return. Unless...

On Monday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Britton made her first appearance since Rayna got deaded. Colbert does the requisite ask about Rayna’s departure. Is there any workaround? Zombies? Evil twin? While Britton warms to the idea of a twin, exclaiming, “What if this long lost twin sister comes back? Oh, and she’s such a devil.”

Keep dreaming. Britton is not coming back to this show ever, though she does go out of her way to assure her fans of her love for them. They’re the best fans. Highest caliber fans.


“I would just say to my fans, first of all, that I love you so much, the show loves you so much, and that you know, Rayna will live on forever,” says Britton, “You know I feel so fortunate that I was able to play that character, truly, with all my heart, I love that character so much. And just like when we lose somebody in our lives, that spirit lives on.”

Colbert replies, “And reruns.”

Also, as your 1000th reminder, Connie Britton used to be roommates with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and this picture is still adorable:

Screengrab via YouTube.
Screengrab via YouTube.

The spirit of Connie Britton’s haircut lives on.

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This article lead down a bit of a rabbit hole of other articles about Nashville and I ended up watching the season 5 promo. What the fuck is this show about? It looks super dark.