Congressman Advises 'Sexting' As a Way to Encourage Voting

Congressman James Clyburn is the latest elected official to demonstrate they don't necessarily have a nuanced understanding of new technology.


Clyburn, a Democrat representing South Carolina's 6th congressional district, was speaking with C-Span about ways people can impact significant change in Ferguson, Missouri. One of the most important ways to do that is by voting, according to the Congressman Clyburn said "sexting" is a great way to help get people to vote. Wait—what?

"Use the tools that we have," said Congressman Clyburn. "We can text, what do we call it, sexting? Let's do some voting organizing over the internet." (The internet, which is most definitely a series of tubes as we all know.)


As Death and Taxes points out it's pretty obvious he doesn't really know what that word means exactly (I would LOVE to be the congressional staffer who gets to explain that one to him). OK, so maybe he's not that up on the latest technology, but is it wrong that I sort of love him for at least trying to talk about something that he thinks will help? Plus, if his flub goes viral at least it might help spread the message to people to go vote and that can't be a bad thing. That's right, I'm looking on the bright side of things. You may need to loan me some sunglasses later.

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The Gaysian

Then again, at least he's not my English teacher. He always told students that he thought got along well to "hook up with each other."

He did not know what that meant for half the year, until I finally told him what that meant, and why all the students freaked out.