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Congress to Waste Everyone's Time by Repealing Obamacare Again

Illustration for article titled Congress to Waste Everyones Time by Repealing Obamacare Again

Freshly visor tanned and whipped into a state that psychologists call "Republican post-Independence Day golf frenzy," the GOP-controlled House of Representatives has introduced a bill that will repeal the Affordable Care Act, fulfilling the frothy wet dreams of Tea Partiers across the country. Of course, there's no way it could possibly pass, as its passage would require the Democrat-controlled Senate to vote on the thing, which it won't, and the President, who bet his entire political career on the thing, to sign it, which he won't. It's a good thing America doesn't have any real problems right now!


According to NPR, this will be the 31st time that the Republican-controlled House has attempted to repeal Obamacare in since January of 2011, when right wingers took control of Congress. That seems like a lot of time and taxpayer money to waste on symbolic votes. It almost seems like we're paying these guys to run 2-year-long reelection campaigns consisting of meaningless grandstanding on CSPAN and interrupting the State of the Union.

Anyway, they'll solve the whole jobs and economy and crumbling empire thing as soon as they're done symbolically fucking around with people's actual health.



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I don't understand this other than an asinine partisan waste of time and resources. The health care mandate was an idea that has come from the right, including the Heritage Foundation.

I feel like Obama himself could invent the cure for cancer and AIDs and the GOP would blame him for putting doctors out of business.