Women from Michigan based victim advocacy groups cheer for women as they leave the courthouse after the sentencing of Larry Nassar. Photo: Getty Images.

In the wake of the horrifying abuse revelations about sports doctor Larry Nassar, recently sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually assaulting nearly 200 gymnasts, the House of Representatives has passed a law that aims to strengthen protections for young athletes.

ABC News reported:

The House passed a bill that would require amateur athletics organizations to immediately report sex-abuse allegations to law enforcement and strengthen oversight of gymnasiums, amateur sports organizations and coaches. The new mandatory reporting requirement would apply to 46 amateur sports with governing bodies recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee, including gymnastics, figure skating, basketball, football, swimming, and track and field.

The Senate passed the bill, originally proposed by Californiaā€™s Diane Feinstein and Maineā€™s Susan Collins, in November. Incredible that protecting young athletes would require additional goddamn laws of the land rather than everybody automatically doing their utmostā€”unbidden by threat of punishmentā€”to shield children from abusers, but here we are....again.