Congrats to the Pioneer Woman for Being the 23rd Largest Landowner in America

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Though she built a multi-million-dollar brand in her family lodge—located two miles away from their main home—by cooking sodium rich, meat-heavy lunches (complete with a whipped dessert served in a mason jar) for the men in her life as they spent the day repairing fences or herding the cattle or repairing other fences or digging rows of holes somewhere beyond the horizon, a fun fact to remember is that Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) is a literal pioneer who—along with her husband Ladd—owns a big ol’ chunk of Oklahoma.

Per the annual Land Report 100, the Drummond family’s 433,000 acres makes them the 23rd largest landowner in the country (down six spots since 2013). Their biography on Land Report reads:

The [Drummond] family helped write ranching history in Oklahoma. Clan patriarch Frederick Drummond (1864–1913) emigrated from Scotland and married Kansas native Addie Gentner. All three of their sons became successful cattle ranchers, and their descendants oversee hundreds of thousands of acres in Oklahoma and Kansas.


They also receiver a huge annual paycheck from the US government, which pays them roughly $2 million a year “to keep wild horses and burros on their massive property.”

It’s not exactly news that the Drummonds were astonishingly wealthy and successful ranchers long before Ree found fame with recipes like “Chicken Enchilasagna,” but—as someone who begrudgingly watches The Pioneer Woman for reasons I can’t quite articulate—the almost incomprehensible amount of land the family owns makes every shot of Ree—buckled in her larger-than-life SUV—traveling down a deserted ranch road to, oh, the main house or the “merc” or her BFF Hyacinth’s place all the more hilarious.

Per this excellent Thrillist profile from last month, the Drummonds are the second-largest employers in their town, and have “gone out of her way to ensure that everyone is being paid living wage.” Isn’t that nice? I can’t stand looking at her food (despite the fact that I’m constantly tuning in to look at her food), but that’s actually nice.

Everything the light touches is Ree Drummond’s kingdom. How weird.

I love when she drives 2 miles to the other house while teaching you how to cook something gross.
I love when she drives 2 miles to the other house while teaching you how to cook something gross.

[The Daily Mail]

“Something about being married made me feel so settled, almost more free, I guess, rather than like trapped.”

- Alison Brie, on marrying Dave Franco

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I don’t understand why the tone towards the pioneer woman is so mean?

I’ve never heard anything bad about her, quite the opposite, everyone I know that has met her says how nice she is, she did create her brand by herself, and I love her. I’ve followed her blog for years before her tv show, and have made countless recipes by her, and they’re always good. Her olive bread (which fine, I use as a dip, ok? It’s amazing) is soooo good, and she gives very clear, funny instructions.