Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Less than a year after creating a new life and welcoming it into this dark, unhappy world with the baseless hope of any new parent, the happy couple “quietly tied the knot” at a “small and private” ceremony in North Carolina, a state to which at least one of them has a familial or sentimental connection!

In case you don’t remember all the thrilling details, the two brunettes met in 2009 (when they were married to other people) but definitely didn’t start seeing each other romantically until June of 2013, once they were both single again. It was a classic case of entertainer meets entertainer—she fell in love with his musical ability, and he went weak in the knees over her skills as a performer, which she constantly showcases on her Twitter account.


I’d recognize that sliver of back anywhere!

When asked for a comment on their nuptials, the couple’s friend told Us Weekly, “They’re a good match.”

UPDATE: I may or may not have used the wrong photo of him. The newlywed may, in fact, be the man below, not the man above.

There he might be!

Images via Getty/screengrab.

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