Congrats to Robin Wright and the Hot Fashion Man She Married

Robin Wright married boyfriend Clement Giraudet over the weekend in what may or may not have been a Princess Bride-themed ceremony. And if it wasn’t, I’m not sure what it was. They’re wearing sandals? 

According to People, the nuptials most likely took place in La Roche-sur-le-Buis in southeastern France. A short video of the reception was also posted by Wright’s daughter, Dylan Penn. I know this is supposed to be enticing but I also feel like we could try a little harder with the dancing here:


Wright and Giraudet (who works as the head of VIP relations at Saint Laurent) have kept their yearlong relationship under pretty tight wraps, despite the better efforts of onlookers to unearth as much information as possible. But as one source explained it to People: “Why not? He’s handsome, charming and athletic.” Get it, Buttercup.


Speaking of weddings, Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer have been married for six months, and they seem to be doing well.


Love is beautiful and gross.

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