Confused By Thor's Absence in Captain America: Civil War? Let Him Explain

One hammer-wielding Norse deity was dearly missed in Captain America: Civil War, and many of us wondered why he was otherwise engaged. Now, thank goodness, we have our answer from Thor himself.

A mockumentary that debuted at San Diego’s Comic-Con explains the god’s absence and, in so doing, indulges in mildly absurd humor reminscent of Flight Of the Conchords. In short: it’s delightful.

After the Avengers’ last rescue, Thor required some “me-time.” He moves to Australia, lodges with the exceedingly-average Darryl, and meets Bruce Banner for coffee dates — hammer in tow, of course. He also devises wild conspiracy theories about the Marvel universe, which he elaborately illustrates and displays on his bedroom wall.


He is, however, a bit confused as to why his buddies did not summon him for what Banner refers to as the “pissing contest” between Captain America and Iron Man. Seriously guys, you called literally everybody else.

As Vulture reports, Taika Waititi directed this short, and is directing the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Thus, the Conchords vibe makes sense — Waititi and Jermaine Clement co-directed What We Do in the Shadows. Here’s hoping this mockumentary offers a glimpse of a full-length feature with similarly goofy moments.

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I met Taika in Christchurch when he was promoting his new film “Hunt For The Wilderpeople.” He is so lovely and nice. Yet another reason to love my adopted home of New Zealand.