Batten down your loins and gird the hatches, because it's official: Will and Kate will be visiting America's fair shores December 7 - 9.

Their destination is New York, according to the announcement. Their itinerary (which is packed) includes the September 11 Memorial, a gala for the University of St. Andrews at the Met and an NBA basketball game. (USA Today says it'll be the Brooklyn Nets, which is a relief because if Kate Middleton attended a Knicks game at the same time as Taylor Swift, Madison Square Garden would implode into a black hole and swallow the Earth, and we can't take those kinds of chances.) God help us if they try to cram in a visit to the tree at Rockefeller Center; it would take decades to unsnarl the ensuing gridlock.

Will will also pop down to D.C. for the day to discuss the trade in illegal wildlife parts at the World Bank. In the meantime, Kate will visit a child development center with NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray, as well as attending a lunch at the British Consul General.

Expect a fucking circus.

Image via Getty.