Confirmed: Texas Never Needed All These Batshit Abortion Restrictions

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Legislators nationwide passed a slew of draconian anti-abortion regulations this summer after successfully arguing that providers needed to adopt unnecessary and expensive renovations to protect women fetuses. A new Texas Tribune review of state inspection records confirms their protests were total, utter bullshit. If only facts had anything to do with the fight against reproductive justice.


From the Texas Tribune/NYT:

State auditors identified 19 regulatory violations that they said presented a risk to patient safety at six licensed abortion clinics that are not ambulatory surgical centers in Texas. None of the violations was severe enough to warrant financial penalties, according to the Department of State Health Services, which deemed the facilities’ corrective action plans sufficient to protect patients.

And between 2008 and 2013, the Texas Medical Board, which regulates the state’s physicians, took action against just three who performed abortions — all for administrative infractions that did not involve criminal practices or late-term abortions.

Most of the violations were minor administration errors that were quickly taken care of. But anti-abortion advocates don't care, because the point of TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws has never had anything to do with safety, but about making abortion illegal.

Starting October 29, women in Texas won't be able to get abortions past the 20th week of pregnancy. All abortion facilities will need to have a physician with admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and, next year, they'll be faced with more structural guidelines, like wide hallways.

Nine abortion clinics have already closed in Texas since January; one more has stopped providing abortions. Only six of the state’s 38 abortion facilities meet the needless structural requirements of ambulatory surgical centers, as now mandated by law. It's unclear how many will be able to afford it.

Looks like it's the black market for low-income women who already had a hard enough time terminating their pregnancy! Safety, indeed.


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I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and on one of the message boards I lurk on, a woman just lost her baby at 22 weeks. The baby was very much wanted and loved, it was a girl. She had a major complication, followed by an infection, and started losing amniotic fluid. They told her it was hopeless, baby was not going to make it, but because she was not "technically" in labor, they couldn't induce her without getting a court order, because she lives in fucking Kansas and to induce a pregnant woman when it is known the baby won't live is classified as a late term abortion. Nevermind her infection meant that getting the baby out was very important, because soon her life would have been in danger. She ended up going into labor on her own, but reading her account of what happened made me so enraged.

Pro-lifers seriously make me sick. They don't think of women like this when pushing for these unnecessary 20 week bans, they only think of their own twisted need to control women. Fucking raaaaage!