Condé Nasties Protest Trump's Visit With Subtle Outfit Change

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Today, President-Elect Donald Trump met with top editors at Condé Nast, several of whom have taken extremely adversarial stances against Trump (Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, who coined the term “short-fingered vulgarian,” perhaps most of all), in an off-the-record meeting.


Why they participated in an off-the-record meeting with an openly manipulative and dishonest President-Elect who hasn’t held a news conference in six months is not entirely clear—but they did it, it’s done, and Women’s Wear Daily reports that in response, several Condé staffers did... this:

The off-the-record meeting on the 42nd floor drew what insiders described as a “small grassroots” protest by some women at Condé, who chose to wear white instead of the fashion uniform of black. Wearing white is a nod to the Suffragette movement, and was also a veiled reference to the campaign of Trump’s presidential rival Hillary Clinton, who donned a white pantsuit when she clinched the Democratic nomination this summer.

WWD doesn’t clarify if they were wearing all-white, which would be kind of cool, or just some white, which is a thing I also did today, just because that’s what was in my drawer. Sources referred to it as a “fashion protest,” and one told WWD that wearing white signifies that they “won’t accept his way of thinking as the new normal.” I’m sure he got the message!

Despite the off-the-record nature of the meeting, a few tidbits have nonetheless emerged; WWD reports that insiders described the meeting as “bizarre,” while a source told Politico that “questions were sharp” but “not personal,” covering all of PEOTUS’s favorite topics: race, hate crimes, Russia, Putin, climate change, women, feminism and abortion. Whatever Trump’s answers were, he will never be held to them, as the meeting was—again—off-the-record.

Next up: Hearst!

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Mortal Dictata

Can we also talk about how today he also met with the leaders of the Alphabet Agencies, some of the most powerful and historically pro-GOP Intelligence groups in the world, and basically claimed they were wrong about Putin and Russia’s involvement despite them then releasing a report which states plain as day that Putin and Russia did interfere with the election to some degree ( because Trump thinks he knows better than the people whose job it is to investigate this stuff (and previously loved them hen they looked at Hillary’s emails).

The President-Elect is openly siding with a foreign power over the hacking of your democracy (which could be easily called Treason) and people in the GOP are fucking cheering him for doing so.

You know, the Party that for 70 fucking years bitched about the Democrats being too lenient with Russia.