Concierge Present at Kim Kardashian Robbery Says He Warned Hotel ‘Someone Might Die’ Due to Lax Security

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The concierge who was with Kim Kardashian during her robbery in Paris (the one she reportedly described as “calm”) has given an exclusive interview to The Daily Mail in which he claims he saw the whole thing coming years ago because of the hotel’s lack of proper security. The Mail identified him as a 39-year-old father named Abdulrahman (just Abdulrahman), and write that he “warned Hôtel de Pourtalès” that “security was so lax that ’someone might die.’”


They continue:

In a world exclusive interview, he told MailOnline of a series of shocking security lapses, saying: ‘There was no real security at all. It’s a choice. The hotel doesn’t mind about security. We told them years and years before, you have to make a camera, you have to put [in place] a security process, about keys. Nothing was locked, there was no proper security there.’

Of the hotel’s lack of locks and cameras, he said:

“If you look at that big door, it wasn’t locked, it was open. We talked about it and nobody cared. The code of the door was never changed and everybody knew it There is a camera in the main wall of the hotel, behind the big red [front] doors, but it didn’t work for years.”

Coworkers of Abdulrahman called him a “loyal, hardworking and extremely intelligent employee.” I call him “probably several of Euros richer after this interview.”

[The Daily Mail]

And now, an update on the strangest celebrity feud since the one between Marilou Henner and Derek Hough. The fight between Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks (over which Banks “filed a battery report” against Crowe) may have been caught on video, and both sides are eager to see it for entirely different reasons.


Writes TMZ:

Azealia claims the video will show the choking and spitting. It’s unclear how much of the incident was captured, but law enforcement sources tell us they will be checking out the footage.

If the incident was recorded, we’re told Russell’s camp would be thrilled because they think it will show Banks is lying through her teeth.


Police have not yet interviewed either Crowe or Banks, but are “trying.”


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