Concerned Sportspeople Think Ciara Should've Covered Her Boobs During National Anthem

Ciara was asked to sing the National Anthem at a College Football championship game on Monday between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers in Arizona and, well, people are talking about it.

Based on her previous National Anthem rendition during a live sport, I’m not sure I would have personally invited Ciara to perform this particular song, but that wasn’t my decision. It’s not so much that she’s terrible, but that she’s not very good, suffering from pitch issues, fragile runs and ill-advised high notes.

As it is, though, Ciara took the field for this very important game of football and tried her best, if you don’t mind listening to it above. The best part is the end when her voice fades as she pulls away dramatically and sings up_— into the air—instead of in the mic. It’s beautifully painful.


While Ciara’s vocal weakness is par for course now, it never stops people from getting their jokes in. It turns out, though, that the bigger focus of her two-minute performance was her cape-adorned pageant outfit, which confused some fans who joked that she looked prom bound. Fair enough.

This is a standard sparkly gown with a cape, an interesting choice for a sports game but far from a risqué outfit. And yet, sports reporter Bonnie Bernstein appeared bothered by the boobs and seemingly would’ve preferred a more Victorian getup. On Twitter, she implored people to think of the children.

Worse, disgraced sports person Jason Whitlock felt it necessary to chime in by also disapproving of Ciara’s outfit choice, having the nerve to be more offended by a pretty harmless dress than by her poor vocals.


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boobs bad, dudes head butting each other into concussions good.

we deserve an asteroid catastrophe.