Complicated Conversations

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Ladies: There's an awful, upsetting picture of Rihanna making the rounds. We won't ignore it, but we also won't post or link to it.

No doubt, most of you know - or soon will know - where to find the photo, but I will warn you that the injuries seen in it are upsetting, disturbing, heartbreaking, and, most importantly, not that uncommon. Assaults like this one are perpetrated on thousands of people - many of them women - every single day, the world over. Question: is posting such a photo exploitative or educational? (Is it both?) I honestly don't have an answer, except the one I feel in my gut - but readers can feel free to discuss the photograph, and the larger issues surrounding it, here.

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Little Green Frog

Poor Rihanna. I cna't imagine being in her shoes right now.

I don't think a boycott of [] is the solution. If you really want to hate someone, that would be TMZ.

Major news organization are publishing the story and photo. Heck, I checked the AP wire application in my iPhone and there it was as a thumbnail.