Community Writer Megan Ganz Takes Dan Harmon to Task for Demeaning Treatment in the Writers' Room

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Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and co-creator of Rick and Morty, named 2017 the “Year of the Asshole” on Twitter. He was then accused of being much worse than an asshole by someone with experience.

Megan Ganz was a writer on Community who has gone on to write for Modern Family and The Last Man On Earth. She quoted Harmon’s tweet asking if he could be “more specific.”


Harmon responded, and a conversation implying that Harmon made Ganz’s work life a living hell (and hints at harassment) unfolded before the eyes of Community Stans everywhere. Harmon initially apologized for treating Ganz like “garbage” and for being a “selfish baby,” and refers to his podcast, on which he often speak openly about addiction and depression:

But Harmon isn’t a baby, he’s a grown man. A grown man who was allegedly abusive enough to make Ganz’s life at work miserable:


It’s impressive that Ganz was willing to confront Harmon on a public forum, especially with the empathy she espouses. And especially-especially with the way Rick & Morty fans are physically unable to keep their cool on Twitter.

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Global Beet

“I would feel a lot of relief if you told me there was a way to fix it”

Lol the above statement perfectly encapsulates why women should have the same amount of trust for self-described woke men, like myself, as i have for self-described woke white allies. Almost none.

I would feel a lot of relief? Even when admitting to injuring someone their own personal feelings are at the forefront of their minds. Screw your relief.

ETA: After reading further I see the “relief” comment also stood out to Ganz. This rhetorical tactic irritates me deeply.