Comment of the Day: This Is What We Talk About When We Talk About Having Kids

Today we discussed the possibility of being able to turn off our biological clocks and have babies forever, which inspired msfriendly to beat everyone to the punch by leaving all the classic child-having comments in a giant flurry of genius:

Why can't they just adopt?!
They shouldn't put off having babies!
Who needs a career? Motherhood is so much better than working!
People who have babies are selfish!
People who don't have babies are selfish!
People who have babies by artificial means are selfish!
All women are selfish; they should be pregnant all the time!
We should stop having babies because they kill the environment!
If we don't have lots of babies, who will pay for our Social Security?!

YOU get a comment, and YOU get a COMMENT. EVERYBODY gets a comment!

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