Comment Of The Day: The Troubling Dichotomy That Is Glee

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Today we discussed how Glee creator Ryan Murphy's tendency to be an insufferable asshat affects our enjoyment of the show. A Small Turnip responds:

Glee is the ultimate pop-cultural hate-fuck for me. It gets so much right, champions the unloved and unlovely, produces some genuinely sublime, can't-stop-smiling coups de theatre, and is, when all's said and done, one of the most heart-felt, funny and truly progressive shows on television today. Or ever.

But FUCK ME if it isn't also skull-poundingly awful, misogynistic, bi-phobic, atrociously plotted, bloated with its own sense of moral superiority and forever teetering on the edge of eye-clawing insanity. It drives me berzerk that I cannot stop watching it, even as I'm throwing things at the television and screaming "What the fuck do you mean 'I'm relatively sane, for a girl.'?! You're just fucking with me now, aren't you Murphy?"

RM and Glee's Powers-That-Be have so far to go to make the show into a consistent, cohesive whole, but they keep falling back into dropped plots and contemptibly lazy characterisation. I keep waiting and waiting for them to pull it together, even for a single episode, and it never quite happens.

And yet. And yet. I love it. I do. It's so frustrating to hear Ryan Murphy's hacky bloviations on his own self-importance, and his overweening sense of creative pomposity. But I still feel intensely, heart-breakingly grateful to him for making moments like this happen. Every time I think I'm out, they just keep pulling me back in. So if you'll excuse me, I need to go lie down and think about Darren Criss's dreamy, dreamy eyes for a little while.


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A Small Turnip

Oh man, thanks you guys! That's so lovely of you! But I'm quietly embarrassed because I wrote this while literally still in bed, and before I'd even had the chance to rub the sleepies from my eyes and yawn. I'm completely mortified by the uncorrected typos and hilariously awful run-on sentences, and hope you won't think I'm a total tit for eliding some absolutely key points: yes, Glee's also got a profoundly dodgy acquaintance with racism and ableism, and a distinctly uneasy history of fatphobia, among SO many other issues. It's got a lot of things it needs to work on. But damn if it hasn't snatched my heart along the way.

Thanks again for validating my swim in the shallow end of mass popular culture, Jez. I 'preciate it muchly.