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Today we learned about the Japanese pregnancy suit for men called the "Mommy Tummy" that will supposedly allow for men to experience what a woman goes through during her pregnancy. Yet somehow, we weren't convinced: a man wearing a fake belly and saying he understand what it's like for a woman to have a baby inside of her is to Tyra Banks letting cameras follow her around a when she wore a fat suit for a day and saying she understood how heavy people felt.

Sandra Dee has a few additions to the suit that should make it the thing a little bit more realisitc:

Now men, say a couple of weeks after a wonderful night with a partner, you find yourself unexpectedly wearing a pregnancy suit.

if you want to take off your pregnancy suit you must:

- See a counselor and then wait 72 to reflect on why you want to take off the suit
- View a sonogram of the inside of the suit
- You can not travel across state lines to take off your suit
- If you under 18 you must get your parents permission to take off the suit
- After you worn the suit for a certain amount a time you MUST continue to wear the suit for the full 9 months even if it threatens your health

And if you keep it on, everyone will watch your movements and activities and comment on why you, as perfectly reasonable, productive adult before you donned the suit, need to start doing X or stop doing Y because you are harming the suit.


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