Comment Of The Day: Hot New French Diet Replaced By Even Stupider Fad Diet

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What?! You haven't tried Le Forking yet? Do I have to send each of you another unflattering bathing suit photo?


Actually, forget about Le Forking. Jan74 has invented a better diet:

When I first read the sentence about banning spoons, knives, and hands, I didn't think of using a fork. I thought that the diet's goal was to humiliate the fatties by making them eat with just their mouths to the plate, apple-bobbing style. Cause then half your food would fall on the floor or on your shirt, and you'd save tons of calories!

BRB, writing book to sell this diet idea. I call it Le Trophing.

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Congratulations, Jan74! I made you a LeFork cake... but then this freaking kid ate it.