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Today we learned that a dude wants his wedding photographer to recreate his $48,000 nuptials so he can have the event properly recorded ... even though he and the bride have split. Schoolmarm says:

J. Remi's wife divorced him and went into hiding from her now ex-husband after he successfully sued her for giving birth too quickly. Remi claims the defendant's contractions were several minutes apart, which he thought meant he had plenty of time to turn on the camcorder. However, the plaintiff's complaint that the defendant, suddenly and without provocation, sped up the delivery "even though we were still in the back of the taxi. I had no time to turn on the camcorder. The baby came out and I had no choice but to put the camcorder down and grab the baby."

After nearly 18 months in litigation, the judge found in Remi's favor, ordering Ms. Grzibovska to push the baby back into her uterus and then push it back out, ensuring that there be adequate lighting and battery power and that the video camera be in the ON position before beginning contractions. Ms. Grzibovska went into hiding with her son and denies to this day that she ever had a child, as there is no evidence other than Mr. Remi's word on the matter.


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