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In 2015 women will have the right to vote and run in Saudi Arabia's municipal elections — with some limitations. albo says:

Al Manei says, "Women can join Shura according to legal conditions which are based on the need for them not to mix with men in the council…each gender will have to be seated in the floor level allocated for them." He continues, "That way the men won't catch any cooties."


yumpopink responds:

Until Saudi Arabia can come up with a cure for teh deadly cootiez, this is the only way their society can function. The West is so ignorant when it comes to other culture's problems.


scarlettb adds:

We need to get some second-graders over there stat, to administer the 100% effective, no-side-effects, "Circle, circle, dot, dot" anti-cooties vaccine.


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Congratulations, albo, yumpopink and scarlettb! Have an adorably contageous cootie cake!