It's too bad that weaselina wasn't around when they were writing the Constitution, because her method of picking our next leader is way better than holding an election:

These people have devolved such that in order to out-batshit crazy the next guy, they are just about one step away from chasing each other around and flinging feces. I for one am sick and tired of the fact that the obvious solution to all of this is to make it all reality show, where they have to all live together.

I can see it now......everyone getting pissed at Romney for hogging the bathroom and using up the hair gel, Michelle Bachmann starting to get suspicious of the fact Marcus and Rick Perry are always in the hot tub together giggling and drinking champagne, Ron Paul so overcome with fury at the communistic act of living together he spends most of the time cowering in "Galt Gulch", a hole he dug out back, and Newt Gingrich descends into further madness when forced to read the books he wrote.

Really, the only thing missing is a catchy name.

Dinosaurs and Nachos, girlfriend! replies:

You forgot Herman Cain as the sleazy announcer, making uncomfortable passes at all the female contestant and trying to get more famous than all the actual "stars."

And it shall be called "Survivor: America, Everybody's Next Big Brother's Top Model Chef." There will be no references to Project Runway because that shit is sacred.

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