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Comment Of The Day: As Expected, Gay Bar Dirge Is Dancable & Upbeat

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Today we learned the interwebs are making gay bars obsolete. newyorkmuse says:

I heard you on the wireless back in 2002
Lying awake intent at tuning in on you
If the bar was straight it didn't stop you coming through - Oh o oh!

Then they took the credit for your LGBTQ networking tree
Rewritten by machine and new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see

Oh-a oh
Then we had children
Oh-a oh
What did we tell them?

Internet killed the gay bar!
Internet killed the gay bar!

In my mind and in my car
We can't rewind we've gone to far
iPhone came and broke your bar
Put the blame on Grindr


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Kat Callahan

Oh wow. I think this is the first time I tagged something for comment of the day that actually became comment of the day. Congrats, newyorkmuse!