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The post-People vs. O.J. Simpson Marcia Clark renaissance continues. NBC has committed to a pilot based on her book Blood Defense. Rather than yet another true crime franchise—which God knows we should’ve maxed out on, at this point—it’ll be a legal drama/procedural.

That’s according to Deadline. The details:

Based on Blood Defense and drawing from the personal experience of Clark, who started her career as a defense attorney, the show centers on Samantha Brinkman, a relentless criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles whose world is turned upside down when she is hired to defend a police detective in a high-profile homicide, thrusting her into the public spotlight and exposing dark secrets from her past.

Clark will cowrite the adaptation.

Blood Defense, which came out in May, is the first in a new series from Clark. But she’s been doing pretty well for herself in the fiction business for quite a while, now: “She transitioned from a law to a writing career with a series of bestselling legal thriller novels featuring prosecutor Rachel Knight.... They were developed as a drama series by TNT a couple of years ago. The project went to pilot starring Julia Stiles,” Deadline explains.

She explained some of the differences between writing a prosecutor, as in her first thrillers, and a defense attorney, as in her new series, to the L.A. Times: “The defense has more creative freedom. All you have to do is look for a defense that works. But it doesn’t have to be the truth. Sometimes you get lucky and it is, but sometimes you don’t, and either way it doesn’t matter. You’re there to defend the client, and that’s your job.”