Coming Soon: Full Employment Rights For New York's Domestic Workers

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Within a few weeks, thanks to their own organizing efforts, domestic workers in New York State will be the first nationally to get basic employment rights such as "overtime pay, paid leave and protection from workplace discrimination." California may follow.

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Okay. I don't get this. "Paid Leave"? So if a nanny is pregnant, it is now the responsibility of her single employer to pay for her maternity leave? How is this possible?

Let me be clear: If you decide to go on vacation, it's only right that you pay your "nanny" or whatever, for that time, because she didn't choose not to work - you told her to. If the nanny stays over time, you pay her extra for the hour or so. Sick days, unless they get too many and excessive, same thing.

But paid leave is ridiculous. My entire paycheck goes to childcare. I even think childcare is MORE than my paycheck, actually. So how on earth is this financially feasible?