Coming Soon: A Restaurant Devoted to the Big Question, 'Pie or Cake?'

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You probably remember the Great Jezebel War of ‘10 over that most searing of questions: Pie or cake? (Please, no bloodshed.) Well, half a decade later, America will finally have an eatery devoted to that immortal dilemma. Glory be!

I hesitate to even blog this because I can practically hear rents increasing all over Queens, but We Heart Astoria reports that sometime around October the neighborhood is getting a new little bakery really, truly named Pie vs. Cake. They’ll have “cakes and pies (both mini and full sized, as well as custom cakes), and homemade ice cream.” More detail:

I asked her what pies and cakes she’s particularly excited about, and there were three—hummingbird cake, lemon chess pie, and Ovaltine cake. She also hopes to make an ice cream dessert similar to a concrete, and by that she means she wants to offer a milkshake with a slice of pie or cake added to it.


You can peek at the new sign on the work in progress here; they’re opting for a “whitewashed Americana/Vintage Circus look.” Please relocate onto the sidewalk outside for any pie versus cake screaming matches.

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The question isn’t cake vs pie.

The question is cream cheese icing vs every other type of frosting because a nice cream cheese icing (not too much sugar, now) >>>>>> everything else. And don’t tell me about your “super amazing buttercream that seriously people eat outchya bowl with a spoon” because no.


So I guess this was less of a question and more of a declaration. I declare cream cheese icing to be self-evidently delicious.