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Comedy Central's Brilliant Review Is Returning For a Third and Final Season Next Month

After nearly 18 months of waiting, Comedy Central’s brilliant and SEO-unfriendly Review will be returning for its third and final season on March 16. For the uninitiated, the show (my favorite TV comedy after Veep) follows a man named Forrest MacNeil (played by Andy Daly, one of the show’s co-creators) as he “reviews” various aspects of life.


Over the course of the Review’s first 19 episodes, MacNeil’s reviews quickly spiraled from charmingly absurd (experiences like “eating 15 pancakes” and small crimes like “stealing”), to dark and upsetting (“getting divorced” ended in his character’s divorce, and “murder” ended with... well). By the finale of the second season, MacNeil had become an embodiment of despair, but a clever and subtle twist provided the setup for what could be his redemption—and perhaps the show’s best moments yet.

Last February, when the final “abbreviated” season was announced, THR reported it would “properly provide closure” in “a minimum of three installments.” It deserves more, but I’ll take what I can get.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

More Forrest MacNeil in my life? FIVE STARS!

This being the last season? One half star.