Today is the four-month anniversary of #ShoutYourAbortion—a hashtag campaign for women who want to speak plainly and unabashedly about their abortions—going viral on social media. Related, but more importantly—it’s also the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark SCOTUS decision that made abortion covered under the constitutional right to privacy.

Today, January 22, the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign is kicking off #TogetherForAbortion, a series of nationwide events to celebrate and raise awareness surrounding this important day in women’s history.


“SYA has catalyzed and connected with over 100 pro-choice events, with at least one in all 50 states,” Amelia Bonow—who founded the campaign alongside Kimberly Morrison and Jezebel alum Lindy West—wrote in an email. “We’ll be using the hashtag #TogetherForAbortion throughout the day on social media to highlight the range of voices and events that we’ve been able to help unify.”

As Congress and local governments chip further away at a woman’s right to choose, this fight has become more important than ever. Find an event, support yourselves and your fellow women, and be heard.

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