Come On, Let's Take a Jaunt on This Spin Bus and Puke Our Brains Out

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The fuck is this?

It’s a spin bus, baby. Brought to you by 1Rebel, a London-based fitness company that wants to make the already nightmarish experience of public transportation even more dreadful by adding a bunch of immobile spin cycles on a bus, to be occupied by sweaty-assed commuters.

Right now, it’s merely a concept—for a 45-minute spin class on a bus—that may be come a reality. Mashable reports:

The fitness brand is currently in talks with a number of bus companies, however it doesn’t yet have sign off from government. If it were approved, the bus could launch after the summer.

The unusual vehicle will travel the most popular commuter routes across London, finishing up at the 1Rebel studio, where riders can have a shower and a smoothie before work.


And vomits baths afterward.


Image via 1Rebel/Mashable


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Get rid of the bikes, cut holes in the floor and make it a Flintstones bus. Everybody wins.