Columbus Short Apparently Cheated on His Wife, Is Now Homeless and Having a Bad Day

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Columbus Short is going through it right now—which seems to be the default setting for his entire life.


We learned a lot of things today. One, I learned that Columbus Short is married to Karrine Short AKA Karrine Steffans AKA Superhead. Karrine is a well-known model who appeared in a slew of rap videos and wrote a book called Confessions of a Video Vixen about her experiences.

The marriage was confirmed early this year but that’s not a circle I actively keep up with. In an interview with Jezebel last year, Karrine said she’s been married three times (not including Short), but Wikipedia only lists one other husband besides Short. Columbus is now on his third marriage.

We also learned today that Columbus Short cheated on Karrine after she posted the aftermath of what looks like a rough evening following her apparent discovery of his relationships with at least two women.

I have some questions about this that are unrelated to the situation at hand, but still highly pertinent. Where exactly are they? A hotel lobby? A sparsely decorated apartment? That weird open space between the men and women’s locker rooms at the gym?


Also, what beta blocker did Columbus (probably) pop because he is looking rather chill for a person who has historically been very very very very very far from chill.

It seems like Karrine has had some complicated relationships in her day, which makes these developments of late all the more interesting. And because Columbus Short is messier than a bucket of glazed chicken wings, he took to Twitter to air out some thoughts on his current predicament.


You know when you’d like to be able to express words of encouragement or optimism but, try as you might, you just can’t squeeze anything out? That.

I can’t say that I’m going to take much from the lessons Columbus is offering but, this has, yet again, solidified an important belief in my life: If Shonda Rhimes don’t trust you, I don’t either.


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is Shonda Rhimes a witch or something? I can’t think of a single person who left one of her shows (whether by choice or not) and found greater success.