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Columbia Students: Tell Us About Your Sexual Respect Requirement

Illustration for article titled Columbia Students: Tell Us About Your Sexual Respect Requirement

Hi, Columbia University students who read this website: the Friday deadline to complete your Sexual Respect requirement is approaching. We want to know how it's all working out. Send an email to my address. We won't publish names. What Ted Talks did you watch? Did you attend a live event? Any good arts option stories?


You can even just fill this out.




How did you fulfill the sexual respect requirement?

What was your reaction when it was first announced?

How do you feel about the requirement after completing it?

What works about the requirement? What doesn't?

You can also anonymously fill out this Google form, if you'd prefer.

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Ginger Is A Construct

As a college professor I am all too well-acquainted with how many students phone in some last-minute bullshit. And that's for papers that are assigned to get them to do the reading, not implemented to reduce rates of sexual assault. I can't imagine having to sift through all the responses to this assignment that were completed at 11:59pm on Thursday. And most likely begun at 11:53pm on Thursday.

Can we kickstarter a booze and / or chocolate and pizza fund for the people who have to read these? My guess is that they are going to be depressing.