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Columbia Student Disappears to 'Get Away From It All,' Reappears in East Williamsburg

Illustration for article titled Columbia Student Disappears to Get Away From It All, Reappears in East Williamsburg

Well, the good news is that 19-year-old Columbia student Nayla Kidd has been found after mysteriously disappearing two weeks ago. The bad news is that they found her in East Williamsburg.


Via the New York Daily News, here’s the police explanation for why Kidd, an engineering school student from Kentucky, left campus on May 5 and deactivated her Facebook, cell phone, and bank account:

“Basically, she just wanted to get away from it all,” said a police source. “She rented a place in Brooklyn.”

“She didn’t want to be at school anymore.”

Sometimes you do just want to get away from it all. And sometimes, all you need is just to get to Bushwick. We wish Nayla Kidd the best as she’s reunited with her worried family, and we look forward to seeing her at El Cortez this weekend.


Image via screenshot/NYDN

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She’s a full scholarship student from Kentucky, and a black woman at the School of Engineering, a place where there are not a ton of people who are a) black or b) black women. At 19, I’m assuming she’s also a freshman. SEAS is pretty cut-throat and Columbia undergrad is also not exactly known for their advising capabilities. I doubt this young woman had a whole lot of support. Hope she is able to get the help she needs and keep her scholarship.