ColourPop Is Facing the Same Lip Wand Issues Kylie Jenner Had

ColourPop Cosmetics’ new lip wand is a little too fuzzy for some people’s tastes.

Customers who bought the beauty brand’s new line of Ultra Metallic lip glosses have lodged complaints about the messy applicator style, which seems to resemble a tiny, fluffy boom mic. This is similar to the wand issues Kylie Jenner faced just months ago, when her LipKit’s redesigned wand was met with bad reviews, which led to a switch back to the original style.


That the complaints are similar may be no coincidence, since the same company, Spatz Laboratories, manufactures both ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics. Cosmo notes that in Kylie’s case, “the longer bristles made it much more difficult to draw a clean line and it didn’t hold much lipstick.”

ColourPop customers who received the refreshed applicator reported their dissatisfaction on Twitter—the obvious best place to complain about things. Are a few unhappy customers worth changing the wands back like Kylie did, though? I’ve reached out to ColourPop’s press department for comment.


After fixing her own problematic wands, meanwhile, Kylie has moved on and will launch a palette of eyeshadows conveniently called Kyshadow. She’s well on her way to building a massively mediocre beauty empire.

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