Colorado Swears In First Openly Gay Latina Justice

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On Friday Monica Marquez became the first openly gay and first female Hispanic Colorado Supreme Court justice. After being sworn in by her father, a retired judge, Marquez noted, "My allegiance is to the law, not to any particular constituency."


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Kat Callahan

Time to be the negative nancy here, but is anyone else tired of the fact that we still have firsts, first female hispanic, first gay supreme court justice.

When are we ever going to get to the point where something like that causes outrage ("Why on earth did you guys let it take THIS LONG??!!") from the general public, instead of a celebration among underrepresented demographics?

Any time I hear about first this or first that, even if I am glad we've made progress, it reminds me how much we still haven't gotten around to doing, and that just makes me angry...