Collie Saves Owner By "Telling" Her She Has Breast Cancer

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Maureen Burns was concerned when her 9-year-old collie, Max, became depressed and started moping about. Turns out, Max was sad for a reason: he had figured out that Burns had breast cancer—before she even knew.


Max, who normally had a "boisterous" temperament, began sadly wandering around the house, leading Burns to believe he might be sick. But Max was apparently looking out for Burns' own health: after smelling his owner's breath, he began nudging her right breast. Burns gave herself a breast exam and discovered a lump which was later found to be cancerous.

"When the nurse told me I had breast cancer my first response was, 'I know, my dog told me!'. I expected her to laugh but instead she told me she had heard of similar cases," says Burns. She says she was convinced to get the lump checked out after catching a glimpse of Max in the mirror while she gave herself an exam: "As I felt it I just happened to look over at Max, who was lying on my bed. Our eyes met and I just remember he looked so sad. I knew in that instant that something was badly wrong."

Scientists claim that dogs, with their heightened sense of smell, can detect cancer cells in urine samples. However, the Burns' other dog, a retired greyhound, didn't seem to take any interest in Burns' lump. (Probably because there wasn't any peanut butter on it, my retired greyhound says.)

Burns is now in remission and expected to remain cancer-free, and Max is back to being his happy-go-lucky self: "It was as though he knew I was okay again. He stopped sniffing me and became very playful again. I owe him so much. Max helped to save my life - he was right all along."

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LadySoprano Is Unimpressed

Collies are awesome dogs...well, most dogs are pretty awesome, but collies tip the scales a little into the "more awesome" category.

My parents got a little collie in 1976, after Mom had a miscarriage. She needed a baby to love. Molly would tear around after my brother when he would play in the back yard, and it took a while for my mom to figure out why he had little holes in the backs of his shirts—Molly was trying to keep him close by!

When I was 18 months, we moved to Spain (military assignment) and everyone thought she was Lassie.

She would run in circles around my brother and I and our friends, trying to herd us. True story! She never once bit or lashed out at any of us kids, even though we would tug on her ears, etc. Total patience.

Once, around Christmas, someone tried to break into our house while Mom was picking me up from Kindergarten. Molly scared them off (we found our screen door removed) and then pooped in the corner from her fear. Somehow, we didn't mind that she pooped.

We had to have her put to sleep when I was 9. That's the only time all four of us (Mom, Dad, Big Bro and myself) ever cried in front of each other.

Best dog ever.