Colin Farrell Looks Intense in New D&G 'Intenso' Ad

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Colin Farrell has signed on to appear in ads for Dolce & Gabanna's men's fragrance Intenso, which sounds like the name of a comic villain. Given this campaign and news of his True Detective 2 casting, we're clearly on the brink of Colin Farrell season.


As The Cut points out, Farrell was seen filming an ad for D&G this past summer. "We are incredibly happy to be working with such a great talent," Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said in a statement. "When we created this fragrance, we immediately thought of Colin. He is the perfect embodiment of male strength and sensuality."

Get your McConaughey on, Farrell. Get your McConaughey on.

My only hope is that you do us a service and follow in the footsteps of Brad Pitt:

Image via D&G

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A Small Turnip

You know, I just can't help but like Colin Farrell. He's a total womanizer, but unlike the vast majority of womanizers he actually seems to like women. As people. It's sort of amazing how unusual that is.

I think it was when he tried his very best to charm the knickers off Dame Eileen Atkins (he struck out, much to his regret) that I began to have a soft spot for him. Apparently he sat outside her hotel room for hours when they were filming Ask The Dust, cheerfully making the case for rampant nookie while she sat in bed and laughed her head off. And then he dated a friend of a friend (who is a very lovely but normal-looking girl, well-padded and not at all the supermodel type) who said that he's a properly good egg. And then there was his leaked sex tape, which I didn't see, but a friend sent me the transcript of, and in it he's just so joyful and generous and happy in the sack. He's all, "I LOVE YOUR PUSSY! IT IS FANTASTIC!"

I mean, how can you not like that sort of person?