Coldplay Phones Another Friend, Adds Bruno Mars to Super Bowl Performance

Jay Z’s tennis partner Chris Martin deliberately let it slip that Bruno Mars will be joining Coldplay during their Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday.

Some of you may be thinking: “Wait, I thought Beyoncé was headlining the Super Bowl this year?” That’s an honest mistake. Beyoncé will, indeed, also be appearing during the halftime performance. This means that Coldplay and/or CBS felt the need to enlist two of the best Super Bowl halftime performances of the last few years in addition to the guys they originally asked to headline.


In behind the scenes footage, Chris Martin made a “joke” about Bruno Mars’ footprint being on the rehearsal stage even though it’s been reported by other outlets that he was already confirmed for the show.

Honestly, this doesn’t seem like a good sign for Coldplay but it’s definitely making me feel better as a viewer. For now, let’s revisit the magic that Coldplay is so desperately trying to recreate.

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