Colbert's Stage Wasn't Big Enough For BLACKPINK

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Screenshot: Stephen Colbert

The four-woman K-Pop group BLACKPINK has seen a monstrous rise since their debut in 2016, with the video for their song “DDU-DU DDU-DU” becoming the fastest K-Pop music video to reach 500 million views on YouTube. Perhaps one of the most recognizable K-Pop groups worldwide, BLACKPINK made their U.S. TV debut on Monday night’s episode of Stephen Colbert.

The aesthetics of a music video like the one for DDU-DU DDU-DU—which includes members hanging off chandeliers and dancing in warehouse engulfed in flames—don’t necessarily translate to the small stage. But K-Pop fans need not fret! The group also announced a North American tour in March and April, which will include an appearance at Coachella, the first ever in history for a K-pop girl group.



I meeeeeannn, I like Pop. But the gals themselves don’t have very much energy or personality besides the one who raps. It’s like... joyless and attitude-less, not even to mention the entirely disconnected cringey cultural appropriation. I’m not sure what makes them standout. The dancing isn’t that spectacular either. I was intrigued but then mehhhh...

Get off my lawn.