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Researchers have discovered that women who regularly drink coffee may be less likely to develop cancer in the lining of their uterus. Possibly. But don't start drinking it if you aren't already! And definitely don't make it taste good.


CNN reports that a study by Harvard University researchers found that women who drink several cups of coffee per day over a long period of time have a reduced risk of developing cancer in their uterus. The study, which included data on 67,470 women between 34 and 59 collected over the course of 26 years, found that compared to women who aren't coffee drinkers, those who down four or more cups per day have a 25% lower risk of developing endometrial cancer. The women who drink two or three cups have a 7% lower risk.

Doctors believe this may be because coffee has been shown to lower levels of insulin and estrogen, which at high levels are linked to endometrial cancer. However, they haven't proven that coffee is reducing women's cancer risk. The researchers say the take away here is that it's okay to drink coffee in moderation — as long as you don't load it up with sugar and cream. Shockingly, drinking a beverage that tastes like melted coffee ice cream won't ward off any diseases. The calories and fat in such a drink would negate andy positive effect on insulin levels. Though we can't prove the link yet, our researchers have found a strong correlation between foods that taste delicious and those that are bad for your health.


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