Code Pink Protesters Infiltrate RNC, Wave 'Refugees Welcome' Banner

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Code Pink, the women-led anti-war grassroots organization, has descended upon the Republican National Convention, staging protests and voicing their opposition to the militaristic and anti-refugee rhetoric so pervasive amongst the GOP.


“We’re here to say we don’t like the language coming out of the RNC presumptive nominee’s campaign with regards to the anti-Muslim rhetoric and the anti-immigration rhetoric,” Code Pink demonstrator Toni Rozsahegyi told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, July 17. The Times reported that many anti-Trump protests began during the weekend, preceding the convention’s kickoff.

Dressed as Lady Liberty to honor the labor of immigrants and refugees, Rozsahegyi explained, “our country was made on [their] backs, and we love refugees. They’re welcome here. And if we want to stop having refugees, we need to end war.”

On Monday, Code Pink carried their message inside the Quickens Loan Arena, disrupting speeches throughout the day. Alli McCracken, the organization’s co-director, initiated the effort. She stood with a banner that reads “Yes We Can End War!” during Senator Jeff Session’s speech, counteracting the rhetoric of the convention with Code Pink’s message.

“Trump’s hate makes us unsafe!” she yelled. “Stop Trump’s Islamophobia! Stop Mike Pence’s war on women!” She resisted those who attempted to wrestle away her banner — the man seated in front of her gave the cloth an especially violent tug.


Code Pink later posted a celebratory shot of McCracken to their Cleveland account.


A second activist sat amongst the audience with a banner reading “Refugees Welcome.”


Of course, the organization’s efforts have been obstructed along the way.


Both McCracken and the second protestor were removed by security. The Hill reports that as the latter left with her “Refugees Welcome” banner, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani—at the podium during her protest—said, “It means we are getting to them.”


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