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Coco Rocha's Infant Child Is Your Newest Social Media Influencer

In her first five days as a baby, Ioni James Conran, the daughter of supermodel Coco Rocha, has proven herself to be a whip-smart, business-minded boon to generation Z. In the equivalent of a single work week, she has amassed upwards of 22,000 followers on Instagram. Her own follows are limited to two—the accounts @cocorocha and @jamesedwardconran—in a clever display of loyalty to the woman who birthed her and the increasingly irrelevant man whose follower count she has long surpassed.


Her social media presence/physical presence might only be five days old, but please don’t underestimate this powerful mover-and-shaker. She has already provided her followers with upwards of four facial expressions:


...and on her third day as a baby, Ioni published her first short film.

Sure, this first effort is a bit mawkish, but it’s clear from her next move that Ioni has her extremely tiny finger on the fashion pulse—in this full-body shot, she gives us bumblebee ombré realness, with just the right dose of vulnerability:


For the past two days, the world has essentially frozen in place, a single question hovering in the air: What Will This Baby Do Next?

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

In all fairness, that is an exquisite baby.

I say this as a professional.