CockBibs Inventor Has A Few Words For Our Commenters

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The mysterious inventor of CockBibs has already written one Crap Email to express his disgust with our take on his product. But after that email was posted, he felt the need to respond—again.


I hate to break it to you guys, but Mr. Cockbibs is NOT pleased with you, nor is he amused by your comments. In fact, he calls several of our commenters out by name, which indicates that at least a handful of you are on the CockBib Enemies List.

Subject: I don't give a shit what your readers think, i sell CockBibs Baby.. get it right!

What is this shit? I created the CockBib.... and this is the mutherfucking thanks I get?

It was my understanding that feminist were supposed to to have some level of intelligence, and if not that at least some common sense. I not at all surprised at your readers comments which broadly displays their lack of self respect and decency.

I have never seen such unladylike like behavior in my life. They sound like a bunch of dirty mouth male bashing whores running to jump on the "I'm gonna hate CockBibs because she said she hates Cockbibs" bandwagon! I don't give a fuck what your degenrate readers (the ones who made those nasty comments) think about my product.

Lets be clear.. I am not purporting anything, I am the creator of the CockBib and I am not confused on whether or not my CockBib is a novelty or a utility item. It is a novelty item that can be utilized.

For example, I am sure you and some of your readers have been to a bachelorette party and I am sure at that party they had novelty items such as penis straws, penis candy, penis paper plates and cups, etc. The point is just because they are novelty items does not mean that they can't be functional. You can still eat the penis candy, sip from the penis cup with a penis straw and eat off the penis paper plate.

To your readers,

I understand that you guys may not be completely happy with your lives. Some of you are single and lonely, some of you are married and unhappy, some of you are divorced or headed there. Some of you are lesbians which if you are not outwardly comfortable, can be dificult! Shit, some of you might be happily married but just feel the need to bitch about something!

What I am trying to say is that I understand. I understand that when you guys get together and post hate filled comments on sites like, about people you don't know anything about, it makes you feel just little bit better about yourselves. It gives you a sense of sisterhood and belonging when joining forces to use your super human bitching powers against the creator of the offensive "CockBib". My advice to you is (not like you will use it) try to do somthing more useful with your time than eating, bitching, hating on men and posting your problems away on!

Regardless of what you guys think or say about me I am happy. How many of you can truly say the same?

Also, please tell the following readers I said fuck you!

pursedangler: fuck you

ichago18: fuck you

andbegorrah: fuck you

Ibleedglitter: you're cool

and natekyswhoreskidsister: fuck you

I am out!

***Oh, and to MorningGloria, I guarantee you that this "illiterate fucker" makes more money than you do! :)**

Oh snap! You just got told by a man who makes novelty bibs for men who don't want saliva on their balls, which, in case you were wondering, is the internet equivalent of being given the evil eye by the dude who works behind the counter at Spencer Gifts.

Will we ever reach the heights of Mr. CockBibs? Will we ever be able to touch the CockBib-enhanced stars that sail across his novelty product stars? Alas, perhaps we shall never know. For all we are, after all, is a bunch of "dirty mouth male bashing whores" who lack the "decency" of Mr. CockBibs.

Oh, and for the record, Mr. CockBibs, we are plenty happy. This is probably due to the fact that our boyfriends recognize that bibs are for, well, babies. But good luck to you, good sir! May your condescending, woman-bashing ways ensure that saliva on your balls won't be a problem you have to worry about for a long, long time, bib or no bib.

Update: The Urban Dictionary defines a cockbib as "A person who whines excessively about a common, everyday occurrence that the vast majority of people have no trouble handling or do not even recognize as a problem." You guys wouldn't know anything about that, would you?


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