CNN Put Donald Trump's Border Wall to the Test and Figured Out it's a Money-Suck

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CNN Politics decided to put Trump’s proposed border-long monument to xenophobia to the test by asking a group civil engineers exactly what would go into the project and how much time/energy/bombast it would take. Unsurprisingly, the wall Mexico should just be super chill about paying for turned out to be what many have expected: a vortex of wasted resources and capital


According to the consulted engineers, the supplies needed for construction would consist of about 339 million cubic feet of concrete and 5 billion pounds of steel, explaining those materials would prove to be the strongest and most durable.

While Trump’s envisioned racist migrant-blocker might seem like a simple undertaking to the presidential hopeful, the engineers pointed out otherwise. Building it “block-by-block” like a Trumpertantruming preschooler would be unfeasible and “labor-intensive,” and pouring the aforementioned concrete into a solid mass would leave it vulnerable to the elements, eventually weakening the structure as a whole.

The solution, then, would be to manufacture a series of panels to be fitted together. Each individual piece would need to be 20 feet high and ten feet wide, with a foundation running at least 5 feet underground and “reinforced steel along roughly 2,000 miles of border.”

When it comes to cost, it looks like Trump wasn’t exactly quick enough with a calculator. Instead of taking roughly $8 billion to construct, the experts estimated a $10 billion expenditure with an expected timeline of over four years—longer than one of Trump’s (hopefully) theoretical terms would last.

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So I read this to Mr. Pie fully expecting him to react with the same WTF rage but instead I get “that’s not really that ridiculous compared to what else the government spends money on.” And I’m like “are you serious?” “Yeah, aircraft carriers cost almost the same.” “What? No way.”

Googled it.