CNN: Kate Middleton “Brilliant” for Having a Boy Instead of a Girl

CNN correspondent Victoria Arbiter would like to extend her sincerest congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge. Nice, right? Except, wait — she's not so much congratulating Kate Middleton for giving birth to a healthy baby. She's congratulating her for giving birth to a healthy baby boy.


"This is how brilliant a royal Kate is," Arbiter told CNN. "There are women throughout British Royal Family history who have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy and here we are. Kate did it — first time."

Yes. A hearty congratulations to Kate Middleton from CNN, Victoria Arbiter, Henry VIII and everyone else out there who lacks a basic understanding of how sex chromosomes work. To think, had she been any less of a royal we might have been stuck with a girl succeeding the throne and you know what shit monarchs women make.


[h/t Elise Foley]

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Woah now. The credit goes to the Prince, who happened to have the right swimmer in the right place at the right time.

Damned feminists, trying to steal this from men. JEEEEEZ.