Clueless Chris Brown To Star In Very Violent Short Film

What the fuck. Didn't it occur to Chris Brown — or anyone around him — that the concept behind his short film "12 Strands" is problematic?

The trailer for the film reveals that it is a rip off/homage to The Matrix: Chris Brown is in a phone booth, telling someone, "I need a way out." Cut to: Brown in a gloomy warehouse, kicking, punching and generally beating down assailants.


It could be argued that the attackers represent Chris Brown's critics, whom he must conquer get "out" of his tough situation — being one of the most hated men in the music business. But since millions despise him for kicking and punching his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, a film in which he gets physically violent is highly inappropriate.

And: Where The Matrix had a sci-fi edge, the only twist in this trailer is when a half-naked chick straddles Brown's alter-ego. Shooting a video full of violence after being charged with felony assalut is insane, and not in a so-cool-it's-crazy way. More like in an intensely-delusional-megalomaniacal-and-narcissistic-personality-disorder way. The disconnect is huge. There is no spoon.

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Hmm, I think it's funny how Chris Brown's 'disconnect' is being highlighted, while his ex has sang her share of songs that are also disconnected from her persona as the Tina Turner of the new millennium.

Ah, but I forgot! Her being a girl exempts her from the same critical eye!