Clover's Teen Diary: 'Drowning in a Sea of Hopeless Emotions'

Images via Clover Hope, badge by Jim Cooke.

All throughout high school, I spent an inordinate amount of downtime writing poems about love and loneliness. That era spawned not one but two notebooks full of emotional writing ranging from bad to atrocious—one was a hot pink spiral book, and the other had a 3D effect with clovers. At some point, I began to think these poems were worthy of other people reading them, so I uploaded the writings to

Tragically, the poems are still accessible here. (I have a particular fondness for the one titled “Chasing Raindrops” and think it’s not that bad.) Before the poems, yes I did keep a traditional narrative-style journal but had a hard time updating it because I felt like nothing interesting ever happened to me enough to form complete stories.


Here’s a strikingly emo poem from 2003, when I was 13. In retrospect, it’s quite dramatic... heh...

This is a poem in which I use the word “whence”:


And this one is long but worth reading because of the twist at the end.

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