CloudMagic Is Dead, What the FUCK Are We Going to Do?

Image screengrab via (ugh) Newton
Image screengrab via (ugh) Newton

For the past few months, ever since the Mailbox app died on us, I’ve been using CloudMagic for all my mobile email needs. It’s been the most gratifying relationship I’ve had with an inanimate app, next to Mailbox. But as of this week, CloudMagic is no more. BRB, vomiting.

CloudMagic has officially morphed into Newton (Excuse me, WHAT??????) and forced a $49.99/year subscription model onto its customers. It is no longer free [UPDATE: The app makers say you can use Newton for free, minus the premium features, after the 14-day trial]. Life feels like a meaningless descent into a massive void. I’m serious. What the hell are we supposed to do? Where can I turn to now to feel the rush of deleting a batch of irrelevant emails in one fell swoop?


The announcement on CloudMagic’s blog tries to make this seem like a good move: “We’ve arrived at this price after much consideration and believe this will allow us to invest in building a solid product, guaranteeing you with the best experience month after mont,” it states. “This will also help us sustain as a business and not have the same fate as some of our peers who either went out of business or got sold and shut down.” Ok, fine, but no way in hell am I paying $50 to manage my email.

I never thought I’d be able to cope after we lost Mailbox, the most efficient email app I’d ever encountered. I found happiness again when I discovered CloudMagic, an app with a gregarious name and some of the same functionalities as Mailbox, which nothing could really replace. I am not here to brag, but I am a person obsessed with efficiency who reaches Zero Inbox on a daily basis. Whenever I see a friend’s inbox with TWENTY THOUSAND or more emails piled up, it feels not right. You’re a hoarder!

Mailbox made it easy to read, delete and snooze emails at leisure with a simple swipe and treat email how it’s supposed to be treated—as priority or TRASH. CloudMagic, we don’t deserve this. Email is the most vexing part of the day and now I feel lost all over again. As our beloved Jia wrote earlier this year: “Mailbox shared an attitude about email with its customer base, i.e. the attitude that email is a GODDAMN NIGHTMARE and there is no reason to INTERFACE with it unless the point is to MAKE ALL THE EMAILS GO AWAY.”

Apple’s inferior native Mail app does let you swipe to manage email but it’s more complicated and there’s no easy option; it feels like a dinosaur in comparison to Mailbox and CloudMagic. I’ve long had Mail tucked away in one of my iPhone folders. My colleague and fellow CloudMagic user Bobby Finger says, of the development: “I’m sad but not because CloudMagic was GREAT, only because it’s the only GOOD one left! And $50 for an email client that is just fine is unconscionable. It just makes me worried that...we’ll never have a good email client again.”


Can someone save us? Or must we settle for the Gmail app? Please help.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Everyone ought to just stop using start-up apps to do basic things they rely on in their lives.

The apps will either vanish in failure or succeed to the point where they are bought up and morphed into something awful and unrecognizable.

It’s their nature.